Active Member

Fully licensed physician engaged in family practice who has fulfilled at least one of the following –

  1. a) postgraduate degree in family or general practice from an accredited Medical School;
  2. b) completed the research requirements of the Caribbean Primary Care Research Group within CCFP;
  3. c) completed the certification examination offered by the CCFP.

Associate member

Medical student, Resident in a medical training programme or any other health professional approved by the Regional Board of the CCFP.

Sustaining Member

Any other physician who is unable to meet the requirements for active membership.

Retired Member

Physician who is no longer engaged in active practice.

Corporate Membership

By invitation to professional associates and companies.

Honorary Member

Non-physician who has advanced the cause of Family Medicine and is recognized by the Board of Directors.


Non-Resident Membership

Physician who practices outside of the Caribbean and wishes to maintain membership in the CCFPJC


Physician member who has distinguished him/herself by the contribution made to the CCFP/CCFPJC. It is not applicable to Associate or Honorary members.