Guidelines for  members Continuing Medical Education (CME)

” The established criteria for CME certification with which each member of the college is expected to comply ”

  • Each CCFP member is required to achieve a minimum of 50 hours annually and on completion of 150 hours, an accreditation certificate will be given to said member.
  • A CME accreditation form will be sent to each member annually, and on completion, the said form should be sent to the CCFP secretariat as soon as possible.
  • You may also complete the hours for each year on the form below then submit copies of your certificates to the secretariat.

CME credits will be awarded for the following:

Group learning activities (50-100% of all credit hours)

  • Formal courses in a recognized teaching institution.
  • Clinical meetings, symposia & workshops.
  • Medical seminars arranged by a professional association.
  • Lectures by medical experts.

Individual learning activities (50% of all credit hours)

  • Audiotapes, videotapes & lectures via satellite, medical television, uwidec, and the internet (up to 10% of total CME).
  • Medical journals (up to 10% of total CME).
  • Presentation and/or publication of original papers at medical meetings or medical journals (up to 50% of total CME).
  • Participation in journal clubs, study groups etc. (up to 50% of total CME).
  • The number of credits ascribed per hour of involvement in each activity:
  •  AGP/CCFP/MAJ sponsored events                                              1 credit/hour
  •  Medical seminars arranged by a professional association       1 credit/hour
  •  Clinico-pathological conferences (CPC)                                       1 credit/hour
  •  Educational meetings outlined in hospital schedule                  1 credit/hour
  •  Accident & emergency conferences                                             1 credit/hour
  •  UWIDEC & overseas conferences                                                 1 credit/hour
  •  Journal club                                                                                     ¼ credit/hour
  •  Publications                                                                                     4 credits/publication
  •  Presentations at meetings                                                            4 credits/hour of presentation
  •  Audio/video tapes                                                                          1 credit/hour
  •  Teaching ward rounds                                                                    ¾ credit/hour
  • Community work (voluntary)                                                        2 hours/year