Board of Directors/Executive Application Form

Thank you for your interest in joining the Caribbean College of Family Physicians- Jamaica Chapter (Not-for-profit) Board/Executive! Use this form to provide useful information about yourself, to ensure the best match between you and the College that you may be considered for its Board of Directors/Executive.

Which position on the Board would you like to apply for? Check those that apply:
Which of your skills would you like to utilize on the Board/Executive? Check those that apply:
If you join the Board/Executive, you agree that you can provide at least 2-4 hours a month in attendance to Board and Committee meetings, and that you do not have any conflict-of-interest in participating on the Board.
If you are not selected as a member of the Board, or if you decide not to join, would you like to be a volunteer to assist our association in various ways that match your skills and interests?