The benefits of being a member of CCFPJC are limitless

As a member you hold membership to a Pan-Caribbean organization whose mission, vision, values and objectives  are to provide the highest standard of care for our caribbean people by a team of well trained, highly motivated and committed doctors.

We offer high quality CME courses through well structured and peer reviewed workshops and seminars each month.

Our monthly UWIDEC lectures offers you special opportunities to share your experience, present original research papers, discuss issues and interact with your colleagues in Jamaica and around the Caribbean.


As a member of our team, you will become an important participant in our Caribbean Family Physicians

knowledge network (CFPKN). A group of doctors activity involved in office based-research.

Our community outreach and volunteerism program offer you an excellent opportunity to interact with NGO’s, charitable organizations and small interest groups and lend a helping hand by providing quality primary care to homeless and socially excluded populations.

CCFPJC liaises intimately with the Faculty of Medical Science (UWI) and offers you an opportunity to teach, design CME courses, develop practice guidelines for patient management, create  physicians formularities and become a member for undergrad and postgrad medical students.

Join us and become an advocate for change, and help to influence healthcare policies through Jamaica and the Caribbean.